Welcome to Yarn Asylum!

Located in Clarksville, TN, we are pleased to be a sanctuary for the yarn addicted. Yarn Asylum stocks a wide variety of yarns, notions, needles, hooks, books and gifts for fiber enthusiasts. We also have classes and workshops geared for ALL levels of stitchers – beginner through advanced.
Drop by and see us soon!


We are excited to bring another new class to Yarn Asylum this Fall.

Knit Three

Learn colorwork knitting and create 3 warm and wonderful matching accessories perfect for gift giving or to keep for yourself!
This 3 part class starts with a cowl and progresses to a hat and ends with gloves!  We will be using the Arrows Abound pattern by designer Melynda Bernardi.Here are some of the details:
Class instruction will be held for 7 consecutive weeks beginning on Friday, September 30th and ending on November 11th.
Class times are 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.
The first and second classes will include instruction for the cowl.
The third and fourth classes will include instruction for the hat.
The fifth and sixth classes will include instruction for the gloves.
The seventh and final class will be a make-up class for anyone needing any extra help on the projects.
The class fee is only $80.00 and includes the pattern ($6) and all 7 classes!
Please see our Class Description for class description for more information on the classes, materials needed, and how to get registered!
Please note there is homework to do before the first class!

Needle Felting and Drop Spindle Spinning Supplies and Classes are now available at Yarn Asylum!!

Thursday night Group Therapy returned on September 15th!

Daytime Group Therapy! Every Wednesday Starting at 10:30am

Group Therapy! Every Thursday from 6pm – 8pm

Come sit around our big table and join other fiber fanatics as you work on your current project or get inspired to start another. The talk is lively and the enthusiasm is motivating.  Drop in and meet new friends.  Bring in your problem projects and get advice from other knitters and crocheters.  Show off your finished designs and let us all envy your accomplishments!   Learn some new techniques as we share and enjoy the social aspect of our hobby!
The table at Yarn Asylum is always open for you to come in and enjoy some time to knit or crochet. Spend your lunch time getting in a few rows on that scarf or stop by on your way home from work to unwind for a bit.   Free WiFi is also available if you are experiencing a momentary Ravelry withdrawal.

Asylum (as defined by dictionary.com)*

(especially formerly) an institution for the maintenance and care of the mentally ill, orphans, or other persons requiring specialized assistance.
an inviolable refuge, as formerly for criminals and debtors; sanctuary:
International Law.
a refuge granted an alien by a sovereign state on its own territory.
a temporary refuge granted political offenders, especially in a foreign embassy.
any secure retreat.

*Text highlighted by the Yarn Asylum Director